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3 Cuscaden Project Details

A New Icon Of Luxury Living At 3 Cuscaden
Standing tall against a backdrop of ultra-luxurious condominiums, III Cuscaden is the newest landmark in one of Singapore’s most sought-after residential districts.

“Architecture Should Speak Of Its Time And Place, But Yearn For Timelessness.”
Frank Gehry

3 Cuscaden Building Facade With Surrounding Buildings

Luxury Freehold City Living
A stone’s throw from Orchard Road, III Cuscaden is a stunning new development tucked away in Cuscaden Walk. It offers an escape from the excitement of the city, yet with all the conveniences of Singapore’s most famous shopping belt at your doorstep.

3 Cuscaden Location Map

“III Cuscaden seeks to craft a contemporary statement – a heightened dimension of modern urban living that fuses functionality and style. III Cuscaden’s design explores the extension of space, light and sight. The modern design of the façade features expansive glass curtain-walls that dematerialise the hard edges of the structure, allow natural light to fill the interiors, and provide sweeping views of the cityscape.

The architecture strives for tranquility and calm, achieved through the interplay of space, light and structural order, as well as pockets of green spaces spread across the levels. These different areas are demarcated by the assemblage of solids, voids and lattices. The overall effect is a simple yet sophisticated geometry.”
AGA Architects

3 Cuscaden Building Facade

Retreat To An Urban Oasis
Rising amidst lush foliage, III Cuscaden beckons you home. Its mirrored façade and enveloping greenery strike a delicate balance, a prelude to what awaits beyond – a carefully orchestrated mix of modernity, luxury and sophisticated living.

3 Cuscaden Main Drop Off Point

Private And Inviting
Hide in the shade of a sheltering tree with your favourite book or dive head first into crisp waters.

3 Cuscaden Swimming Pool

Space To Exhale
Take a breather from the harried pace of urban life. This verdant space looks out onto more greenery beyond – the lush Singapore Botanic Gardens, the city’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3 Cuscaden Sky Terrace

Light Up The Night
Spoil your guests at this full-fledged entertainment deck. Everything you need for a night out, right at home.

Be Energised By The Cityscape
The perfect setting to challenge your body and mind. Working out doesn’t look better than this.

The Ultimate Chill Spot
Plunge into this stunning sky-high infinity pool or sip a Manhattan at the Sky Bar. Add to that breathtaking panoramic views of the vibrant cityscape and you have all you need for that Insta-worthy moment.

3 Cuscaden Infinity Pool

Savour Me Time
Green pockets of space on every alternate floor provide residents a quiet retreat to pause, read and relax.

Soak In The Spectacular Skyline At 3 Cuscaden
Bask in the twinkling lights of familiar landmarks and enjoy unparallelled views of Orchard Road. See it at its most stunning at night.

“Design Is Not Just What It Looks Like And Feels Like. Design Is How It Works.”
Steve Jobs

Interiors Steeped In Style And Luxury
Carefully thought-out living spaces that invite comfort, exude modern elegance and most of all, make sense.

3 Cuscaden Living Room

3 Cuscaden Bedroom

3 Cuscaden Dining Area